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My Works

Everything you see is made by me*.
Most Projects are unreleased and do not have a finished gameplay-loop. Drafts may use unlicensed images.

(*unless stated otherwise

Demo show.PNG

Iceblade (2020)

Type: Topdown RTS

A topdown Real-Time-Strategy game inspired by games like The Settlers 4 and Battle for Middleearth.
Featuring autonomously gathering worker NPCs, controllable warrios NPCs, NPCs can fight and die, you can place a building foundation and your workers will go and build it, you can recruit units from the appropriate building. 

Operation Annex (2021)

Type: Sci-Fi FPS

A Sci-Fi FPS with the usual shooter mechanics. Run around, sprint, crouch, jump. Aim, shoot, throw grenades. Guided missile launcher. Recoil, wall penetration, impact decals, different damage types and resistencies. Interactable objects like buttons, switches or numberpads. Collectables like health pickups. A character equipment screen where you can edit your loadout. Some parkour elements. An ability system.

Screenshot 2021-08-20 132113.png
Outlaw Inn screenshot.png

Outlaw Inn (2021)

Type: 2D Saloon Management

A 2D, top-down, faced-paced bullet hell/saloon management game! Play as the newest barkeeper of the Outlaw Inn. A rough and tumble saloon in the heart of the old west, where the customers are thirsty and hate waiting around for their drinks!

Sound by James, Sprites by Gustavo

Antique Warfare (2018)

Type: Topdown RTS

A ancient rome based topdown RTS. No gameplay.

Screenshot 2021-10-01 210100.png

Sound by James, Sprites by Gustavo


Some Drafts

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